Obtaining A Good Report

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Sunday, August 20, 2017 - 09:00
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Hebrews 11:2

- Faith is hoping for things you can't see with your eyes
- Some people trust in their great faith
- Noah believed God in things he couldn't see
- The Old Testament believers received a blessing even when they didn't receive the Messiah
- How concerned are we in the generation following us? Do they see us investing time on business and technology
- We're tested on our purity
- We must be moved to live a life of faith and teach it to our children
- We also can be made of a good report
- We have grace in us to have a good report
- Lay aside every weight
- Our schedules can be too busy and be weights to us
- Our friends can be weights to us
- Our smartphones can be an weight to us
- The sin that besets us must be laid aside
- Run with patience the race before us no matter how short or long
- When we come into the presence of God, our faith will be over