Sin and Salvation

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Sunday, September 23, 2018 - 09:00
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Jesus is the Author of salvation; Satan is the author of sin.
We have a problem: we were sold under sin.
A sinner is helpless; just as those trapped in the towers on 9/11. We need divine intervention.
Sin is inexcusable, it is bondage. There is shame and aloneness in sin. There is hate, and hate for one's self in sin. There is wretchedness and misery in sin.
It is only because of God's love that he provides redemption, and God has the means to provide redemption.
We can be called the sons of God because he bestowed his love upon us. We love Him because he first loved us.
There is victory in salvation, we don't need to live in ongoing defeat.
Salvation gives assurance.
We know what is true through Jesus.
Jesus makes all things new.
Salvation came with a great price.