There Stood A Man Over Against Him

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017 - 19:00
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Joshua 5:1-15 - 6:1-21

- God Desires to have a relationship with his people and leaders
- Every leader must spend time alone with God
- Every good leader must understand they are not first in command
- The captain of the Lord has an interest in our lives
- Leaders have to say what God tells them
- Leaders have to be teachable and reverent and willing to listen to God
- Anywhere that's God's work is Holy ground
- The Lord reveals himself to people who are looking for him
- God uses men to further his kingdom
- God gives to each person enough to meet their needs
- Every good leader has to be a Good communicator
- The Lord blesses those who put their faith into action
- The Lord gives more responsibility to those who are faithful in what they already have been given