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This website is dedicated to the Lordship of Jesus Christ
with respect to the Anabaptist Mennonite Heritage
and the conservative Mennonite churches.

This website is dedicated to helping its visitors find answers and provide thought provoking content to help you live in obedience to the commands of our Lord Jesus in our current sin filled world.

We believe that the Word of God is just as powerful and relevant to our daily decisions as it was when God moved men to pen His words more than 2,000 years ago. It is our desire to provide this site as a means of encouraging and helping you in your spiritual journey. Whether you a know you are a sinner, seeking to find Jesus and find your way with Him, or if you are seeking answers to difficult questions in your life, our goal is together “work out our salvation.”

This site is privately funded and maintained by members of the Pilgrim Mennonite Conference. Our goal is to maintain this site as a spiritual resource to whoever is seeking, with partiality toward none. We invite you to browse these pages and download content of Christian sermons, Christian music, Christian study books, but most of all – live a life of obedience to Jesus Christ. All content on this site is free and not copyrighted; however, no content may be downloaded to be bought or sold for profit.

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This site is dedicated to the Honor and Glory of Jesus Christ • Contents of this site are not copyrighted; however, contents may not be downloaded to be bought or sold.
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